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Pavilions San Antonio

You see them all over the place. They can be found on school yards, parks, public squares, and even private homes. Pavilions are a very popular covered area that allows people to use them for a wide range of activities. San Antonio Outdoor Living are the experts in design and building these covered structures. Here are some benefits that covered pavilions can provide for you at your home.


Major Benefits of Having a Covered Pavilion

  • A covered pavilion gives you the extra space to host people at your home. It provides protection from the hot sun and shelters people when the rain moves in. The design of the structure can be custom-built to blend in with your landscape theme.
  • The structure of a pavilion is very strong. They can withstand high winds and provide shade and shelter for bad weather days. They have a low maintenance need and can stand for years.
  • A covered pavilion can also give your personal space to sit and enjoy your outdoor living space and even your garden. Some people like to have them installed in their gardens and let the plants grow on them. This gives a unique look to the landscaping around the home.
  • A pavilion is a great choice for people that want to install an outdoor space but may not have the financing to install large spaces. A pavilion has a low cost to buy and install.

San Antonio Outdoor Living are experts at everything that pertains to pavilions. We have all the accessories and design plans to help you build and develop your perfect pavilion. If you have any questions about pavilions or would like guidance through the process of building one, then call us at 210-429-5526. We can help you step by step through the entire process. Our customer service representatives are highly trained and knowledgeable to give you a clear picture of the finished product.

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