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Over the decades outdoor living spaces have transformed from the simple table and chairs design to full yard designs. Many of the current trends incorporate indoor luxuries such as fully functional sinks, refrigeration, stove-top options, and even stationary and movable grills. In warmer climates some outdoor living spaces include retractable electronics, music devices, and a fire pit for the cool summer nights. An outdoor living space may seem like a dream that is only for the rich and famous, but modern designs have become affordable as the price to create the perfect space has fallen. It does not matter if you have only a small deck or a full backyard, there is a design for you. As a homeowner you deserve the best space to live and entertain. Here are somethings that you will want to consider when making the decision to install your next outdoor living space.


Making the Space Practical

  • Perimeter seating is the best way to keep things simple. Table and chairs have their place but if you have too many chairs, then your area becomes cluttered and hard to move around. Perimeter seating incorporates places for people to sit while at the same time providing enough space for people to move around.
  • Lighting can work for you or against you. Light is essential if you are planning to host gatherings during the evening or at night. You can mount lights on poles and even around perimeter seating fairly easily. The wires actually run through the brick and hollow points in the mounts keeping your area free of trip hazards.
  • Storage space is another factor to consider when designing your outdoor living spaces in San Antonio. Many options include storage under perimeter seating or in cabinets placed around the kitchen section of the space. Either choice keeps things hidden from view until they are needed.
  • Choose what you want under your feet. You have several options to choose from as you design your perfect space but make sure it is functional. The simple paver stone option may be a great money saving choice, but weeds can grow up between the stones over time. If you are looking to avoid routine maintenance, then consider choosing a stone tile that has to mortared into place.
  • Remove the insect problem. When designing your living space make sure to include a screened enclosure for people that want protection from bugs. This type of space will allow you the option of entertaining during the day and night transition when it seems that bugs are most active.
  • Include the pool in your design. Some homeowners would like to install a pool and incorporate it into their outdoor living spaces. But the issue of safety keeps many from having a pool installed. Many designs for outdoor living areas now come with safety options. Homeowners can now install walk-able covers and safety walls around the pool area to maximize safety for people you are entertaining.
  • Give the young people their own space. Many outdoor designs now come with options that you can choose from that provide sections of space for different groups of people. If you are expecting a lot of children to be present, then you may want to designate a space for the kids to play.

There are many options and designs that you can choose from when selecting your perfect outdoor living space. All of us at San Antonio Outdoor Living want to help you design and choose the right design for your space. We work with decks, fences, fountains, patio covers, pools and hot tubs, and all other outdoor space options. We can answer all of your questions and even give you advice on how to maximize the space you are planning your design around. Got our contact page or give us a call today at 210-429-5526, and we can start working with you to develop your perfect outdoor living space.

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