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San Antonio has a diverse climate that makes your landscape design a bit difficult. It’s not uncommon to experience very dry and hot droughts and it may even flood at times. A lot of the soil is rocky or clay and your plants must be able to survive in these extreme conditions. The best idea is to always use plants that are native to your particular region, as they are easier to take care of and they have adapted to the conditions over the years. The best part is that you don’t have to only choose cactus for your San Antonio landscaping needs, here are the best plants for San Antonio.


Bluebonnets are the Texas state flower and you will see them bursting forth with blooms around Easter time on the sides of roads and in large pastures. In Texas, it’s a tradition to take photos of children in the bluebonnet patches yearly.

Bluebonnets work wonderfully well as a ground cover in a flower garden because they will add lovely purple-blue blooms that are long-lasting for a great display of color. An added feature of bluebonnets is that they reseed themselves easily to furnish you with bountiful blooms year after year.

Blackfoot Daisy

The blackfoot daisy is a cheerful little white flower with a yellow center. It is planted in dry areas and it is very drought tolerant. In addition, it also tolerates high heat and humidity and resists diseases and pests. These are prolific bloomers and the blooms will remain from early spring until the end of summer.

You will also notice that pollinators love the nectar, as you will see hummingbirds and butterflies perching gracefully on the white petals.

Cast Iron Plant

The cast iron plant is as study as the name implies. This is a leafy evergreen that tolerates little water and dry shade. It’s a perfect plant to place in shady areas either near your house or underneath trees.

The dark green large leaves are very attractive all year round to have interest in your garden in the winter.

Coastal Live Oak

The coastal live oak tree is very majestic with a large crown to provide your lawn with lots of shade in the hot, arid summer. They can reach up to a height of 55 feet tall from which their low hanging branches fall gracefully near the ground.

This tree is best for San Antonio lawns with ample room for it to grow.

Crepe Myrtle

The crepe myrtle is a fabulously easy plant to grow that requires little water and its drought tolerant. It will provide you with beautiful dark green foliage and then in the spring it will burst forward with huge clusters of blooms for you to enjoy for many months.

You have a variety of colors to choose from, such as maroon, light pink, dark or light purple, white and red. You may use this plant as a shrub, a container plant or a tree, depending on how you prune it. That makes it very versatile to use in any landscape design imaginable.

Feather Plume

The feather plume is a prized plant for its beauty and usefulness in creating a living barrier. It grows between 3 and 6 feet tall and is covered in tiny purple or pink flowers that look like spikes with fuzzy hair like protrusions on the petals. This gives it an appearance as a feather.

Feather plume is drought tolerant and needs little sunshine to thrive. It is often used as a low hedge type planting to separate areas of your lawn and it’s thorn-less.


If you have ever seen the magnificent wisteria shrub/vine then you have surely smelled the amazing heady scent of the blooms too. You can let it grow as a specimen plant as a large shrub with bright green leaves and covered in beautiful purple blooms, or you can train it to trail on a fence, gazebo or trellis.

The branches can climb up to 30 feet long for quite a spectacular specimen planting. Wisteria is also drought resistance and pest resistance.

This is just a short list of the best plants that grow very well in San Antonio. You have many choices of ground covers, trees, shrubs and flowering plant in a huge variety of colors from which to choose.

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